Our Approach

To build a solid network, you need to start with the right foundation. Business Network Design (BND) can help. We utilize a practical approach utilizing our experienced staff to get your local and wide area networks (LANs and WANs) system up and running quickly and efficiently. From the basic hardware infrastructure to workstations, laptops, handheld and more, our team of business-minded IT professionals will work to ensure that your network is built and integrated properly to best meet your business needs.

Business Network Design has a three part approach to getting you the custom network you need to run your business:

To save you time and money, before we start designing your IT network infrastructure we conduct an inventory of your current system.  We start by ensuring that the physical wiring is sound. If needed we can install new cable runs to ensure a properly functioning network. From cabling to access points to switches to routers to any other hardware, we use only the highest-quality components to build your network infrastructure to ensure that you access the network at the highest speed possible.

Before we design your network, we assess your internal technical capabilities & discuss with you the onsite & offsite hosting options.  In some cases an offsite cloud solution might be a cost effective & low maintenance system to meet your immediate needs.  If an in house solution is more appealing, BDN will begin system installation with your server hardware platform, and then continue the process by putting together the hardware and software components that will form the framework for your network. Each component of your system is tested to ensure the proper configuration, integration and optimal performance. BND also offers Offsite Backup and Proactive Monitoring to help maintain the integrity of your new network infrastructure.

Once your hardware and software framework is in place, your Business Network Design team will install “additional services” of your network, such as business-critical systems and applications that keep your business running. Take a look at our system integration section on our services page for more information.

With your IT network infrastructure almost complete, Business Network Design team will review your users’ workstations and smartphones to recommend upgrades or replacements where appropriate or necessary. Our team will also provide training to ensure each user can reach their full potential in your new system.

Once your infrastructure is up and running, you can count on BND to maintain your new network. We are pleased to offer you a variety of system and performance monitoring plans. After all, who better to maintain your network for fraction of the typical support costs better than the very same people who built it?